Even visiting the mountains for less than one week can spike weight loss. The people staying at high altitudes have easier access to hike and exercise, if you are the ultimate lazy and want to lose weight but eat pizza, and hamburgers then the mountains are for you.


Being up in the mountains gives your lungs the chance to breathe in oxygen that is free of gasses or air pollution. The fresh air helps respiratory problems and easier breathing for asthma. The most common scent while travelling through a mountain is pine. Studies show that pine decreases hostility, depression, and stress.


We all know that the sound of water is extremely soothing. Waterfalls increase this sound, hearing water splashing down the waterfall into the pond below. This is proven to have a relaxing effect on the body, which inevitably would improve our mental health!


In the modern society, we are expected to have a lifestyle focused mainly in our jobs. In fact, people who leave aside all the other important aspects of their lives to further their career are celebrated.

Workaholism, or work addiction, is actually a serious problem that can lead to career burnout. Likewise, it may result in overworking yourself to serious health issues — even death.



When you are the last item on your priority list, you probably aren’t seeing the benefits of self-care.

With this project we aim at creating holiday homes where you can Go and see nature in its most raw beauty. Going up to the mountains has health benefits & some of these healthy benefits include: –
Lower heart diseases, builds up happiness, finding peace, fresh air etc.

Lushoto Tanzania

Lushoto is one of the eleven districts of Tanga Region in Tanzania.

It is bordered to the northeast by Kenya, to the east by the Muheza District, to the northwest by the Kilimanjaro Region, west by Korogwe District and to the south by the Bumbuli District.

The district’s capital and largest town is Lushoto

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